Art Lowe  for Victoria-Beacon Hill



Art was born and raised in Victoria, James Bay.

Art is a property manager, accomplished trades and building maintenance. Working with people, diplomacy and problem solving are skills that Art has. Art is well-known for his community involvement in Victoria.



Issues affecting people with disabilities in BC

Libertarians are very concerned about poverty. Firstly, let's be clear that despite some political mud-slinging, the Libertarian Party does not intend to reduce anyone's benefits.

The primary cause of poverty is an overall weak economy that traps people who might otherwise be able to improve their situation without any need for government dependency. A major cause of weak economy is unnecessary government intervention, excessive taxation, and minimum wage legislation. Address these first, so that those who can help themselves will do so.

In situations of disability and dire necessity, government assistance is warranted and should be sufficient to maintain a reasonable standard of living. A healthier economy will help towards that. Furthermore, a Libertarian government is prepared to commit a significant proportion of all resource royalties to disability allowance. Our plan to restrict government to its proper role in society will result in massively lower overhead costs for government services, and significantly more funding available for assistance, aids, education, and whatever else is required.

In order to safeguard this funding from appropriation by government, we would support and direct those royalties to non-profits and cooperatives who know and work with people. Bureaucrats weighed down with rules and regulations are not the best people to do this work, and we all know that.

Government cannot "create jobs" except by first taxing other jobs out of existence. Smoke and mirrors will not work. However, with lower taxes, freer markets, fewer unreasonable restrictions, and no carbon tax... British Columbians can and will create the dynamic economy required to generate sufficient wealth to care for all those in need - and give a hand up to all those trying to escape poverty.

Political promises to "create jobs" or "make life affordable" sound good, but it simply is not true because it cannot be done. No government can do that.... but together as citizens, we can. Political promises are easy to make at election time, but they never deliver because there is always some "unforeseen problem" discovered after the election... and we all know this. However, Libertarians have a comprehensive plan that will deliver.

Thank you, and I would be proud to serve as your MLA, holding government accountable to you, with honesty, ethics and principles.

Art Lowe



Honesty and Accountability

Accountability, honesty and ethical government is what this party is about. Libertarians, first and foremost, believe that government must operate according to strict ethical standards. Fraud, aggression, theft, etc. are cause for expulsion from the party, and we all take this very seriously. If you want honest, open, ethical, and principled government to maximize the freedom and prosperity of all British Columbia then this is the party for you.

Carbon Tax - Global carbon taxes and other oppressive policies?

Global Warming has come to be a hotly contested issue. Are there valid concerns that we should consider, or is Global Warming just the latest manufactured crisis to cash in on the public’s fears and generate new support for global governance, global carbon taxes and other oppressive policies? So called Government “investment” in alternative sources is not investment at all. Government cannot invest, it can only redistribute resources. Carbon taxes itself is one of the biggest hoaxes of all history, this whole global warming terrorism that they’ve been using is not about climate, it about taxes and taxing the air shows it fraud, without CO2 plant life would die out and life itself would parish. Carbon Tax is the most degrading and totalitarian of all possible taxes. Its implementation wrongly suggests that the government owns the lives and labor of the citizens and dictates how we live our lives The harmful effects of the income tax are obvious. First and foremost, it has enabled government to expand far beyond its proper constitutional limits, regulating virtually every aspect of our lives. It has given government a claim on our lives and work, destroying our privacy in the process. It takes billions of dollars out of the legitimate private economy, with most Canadians giving more than a third of everything they make to the federal and provincial government. This economic drain destroys jobs and penalizes productive behavior. The ridiculous complexity of the tax laws makes compliance a nightmare for both individuals and businesses. All things considered, the dismayed by the income tax mess and the tragic loss of liberty which results.

Canada and Canadians without an income tax would be far more prosperous and far more free, but we must be prepared to fight to regain the liberty we have lost incrementally over the past century. I truly believe that real tax reform, reform that so many frustrated people desperately want, requires bold legislation that challenges the politically charge governments mind set, but the current tax debate really involves nothing of substance. All the big wasteful governments, be it Greens, Liberals and NDP parties are content to continue tinkering with the edges of the tax code to please various special interests. Instead of an initiative aimed at reducing the size and scope of the federal and Provincial governments. Is it impossible to end the income tax? I don’t believe so. In fact, I believe a serious groundswell movement of disaffected taxpayers is growing in this country. Millions of people in Canada are fed up with the current tax system, and they will bring pressure on government to stop it insane war on families lives that put everyone into poverty..

This election on May 9th, lets use common sense, vote Libertarian and less all be freer so our families can and will have a better tomorrow

Art Lowe
Victoria, Beacon Hill 
BC Libertarian Party

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Political Contributions

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Affordable Housing

 Regarding affordable housing in Victoria:

The Fraser Institute recommendations are excellent, but we would go further on the supply side and also address taxes. A long-time goal of the Libertarian Party is to re-open some Crown land for homesteading, which will have the effect of increasing the supply of housing in a way that is affordable and suitable for those who enjoy a rural lifestyle. There is little or no cost to the taxpayers with this option. Another key is to reduce taxes, starting with the "tax on everything" carbon tax. Regardless of anyone's view on CO2/warming etc., it is simply a fact that carbon taxes increase the cost of everything but provide no net benefit to society or the environment.


Help for Families

In British Columbia, as in all provinces, families are in under tremendous stress. One of the unfortunate consequences of this stress is family break-up. Art proposes that the province will relieve additional stressful burdens imposed by the BC government on families in crisis, with the goal of reducing family violence, suicide, and trauma to children. Art would like to abolish the government program that currently revokes passports and driver license, and jails parents who find themselves debt (debtors prison). In addition, Art would like to reform all policies and legislation related to children in government care.

And Art would especially like to amend the Family Relations Act, to ensure that in any divorce action, no family member be deprived of any lawful authority without just cause.


Healthcare around drug overdose is a problem that the Libertarian Party has been active on for many years. History should have taught us that prohibition does not work. It simply leaves people vulnerable while simultaneously directing riches into the pockets of criminals. Fentanyl would not even be an issue without the imperative created by legislation, such that criminals and addicts use this drug because it is easier to hide from law enforcement and it is cheaper. In the absence of prohibition, people would have safer alternatives and an easier path to escape addiction. No health issue can possibly be addressed effectively by law enforcement. Therefore, as we have done for over forty years with marijuana, we will work towards legalization/decriminalization of all such substances.


Jobs are key to the economy. Businesses create jobs and pay wages, provide services, support social goals. Businesses prosper in a reasonable and fair legislative framework, and where taxation is fair and reasonable. The current legislative and tax framework has less adverse effect on large corporations with tax accountants and lobbyists who seek government benefits. Bombardier comes to mind, and the situation in BC may not be as obvious but it is very similar when it comes to the effects on small business.

In non-obvious ways, minimum wage legislation favors large multinationals and disadvantages small local business. Minimum wage has secondary effects, such as raising the cost of living for everyone and exacerbating the problem of unemployment for young people and those changing to new careers and accelerates the robot automation of entry-level jobs. On the surface, minimum wage legislation sounds like it should help people, but in fact it is very harmful to our economy in BC and harmful to those it claims to be helping. Economists know all this, and yet the Liberals and NDP continue to increase the minimum wage.

Libertarian Party Platform

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This BC Election, what the government doesn't want people to know is Big Rate Increases Coming for BC Hydro, ICBC, Liberals’ Projections Reveal - But the real story is what the Liberal costing says about the scandalous financial state of these two vital public corporations after years of the Liberal government’s politicization and mismanagement.

 That being said, what voters have to keep in mind also is what the Greens, NDP also have in store for you... More higher taxes, more political promises at the end of day are never followed though and everyone knows it.

 Yet the only political party in BC is the BC Libertarians who want less government, less taxes, so families can get ahead with more money in their pockets and a better future..

 As we see the mainstream media making sure the libertarian message is not heard in this election. Why? because the media and the big political parties want to make sure you in BC pay more in taxes, and have less to spend...

 Are you willing to pay more to be trendy and vote the big political parties, or do you want less government in your lives.. it's your choice this election, not the government or media...


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